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Rutgers University, College of Nursing
  The Unprecedented Research Study from Rutgers University



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In their comprehensive article on Multiple Orgasm, Wikipedia provides a well-written overview of our Rutgers study as "...the only known scientific study to successfully document natural, fully ejaculatory, multiple orgasms in an adult male". Given the sterling reputation of Wikipedia as one of the Internet's most unique and comprehensive online encyclopedias, we are honored to find our unprecedented study featured therein so prominently.




"Unofficial World Records of Sex"
Television Series

The ninth episode of SkyOne's 2003 UK television series "The Unofficial World Records of Sex" featured the Research Subject of this Rutgers Study as the world's "Only Multi-orgasmic Man."




Cram for that Exam

Stuff 's February 2001 issue features "The Stuff Sex Test", a spicy quiz
of over 40 questions that will teach and tantalize you with great questions and
racy trivia... including one particular question that proves the Stuff staff checked out this site at least a time or two.

On page 74, Question One of "Bizarre Sex Facts" asks:

"On January 15, 1995, which sexual event
  occurred in New Jersey?"

Of course now that you've visited this site, you'll ace this one knowing the
correct answer is:  D.  "The First Documented Male Multiple Orgasm".




Delicious "bad kitty" on the cover of the December, 2000 issue, and this site
on p. 266.  
View it at Maxim Web Guide, "World Of Sex".





Penthouse Magazine (May 2000, p. 76) referenced this Rutgers study and its Research Subject as "Bob".




Psychology Today also announced the results of this Rutgers Study in its Nov/Dec 1999 issue article "Beyond Orgasmatron".






On September 27, 1999 featured the Research Subject and the head researcher of the study, Dr. Beverly Whipple, in three linked online articles.













On September 21, 1999, the Research Subject was interviewed on Bob Berkowitz's new talkshow, "Lovebytes".  Mr Berkowitz is the former host of "Real Personal", a CNBC cable television program.




PLAYGIRL magazine (August 1999) featured the study and this website in an article on male multiple orgasm entitled "Riding The Waves", quoting this site extensively following a brief overview of the Rutgers study.  





The male subject of the study,
presented a case for further research at the World Pornography Conference, held August 6-9, 1998 in Los Angeles, California.  was in attendance at this presentation, and placed his picture on the Playboy website coverage of the event, over the appropriate title "The Only Documented Naturally Multiorgasmic Man".  Of course, Playboy couldn't keep the pages on the conference up indefinitely, and so after a year on their site, they are no longer available.



The study and the Research Subject were also featured in the Playboy Advisor,  (Playboy August 1998, p. 39). Click on question: "Is there such a thing as male multiple orgasm?"

Nice "horse" reference there, Playboy.

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On June 25, 1997, the study was presented internationally in Valencia, Spain at the 13th World Congress of Sexology. Over 800 attended this presentation, alone (See listing under "Contents":  "Man and Sexuality").


This study was first presented to the public November 15, 1996, at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Houston, Texas...(SSSS Program listings: 2:00-3:30 pm - "Orgasm" reports)






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